Thursday, January 1, 2015


Skin Color In India

I came across this while working on my mega Experiment that I told you about a few posts back. I found this and thought I would share. This is funny, but also shows how much the "fairer" skin color is valued, even in males. Maybe he was actually telling the truth and it was just the lighting that caused him to look like that (sarcasm).

 But really, did this guy think he could fool anyone? 


  1. Sadly most of the men in our desi society are intimidated by independent women like you except a miniscule minority.Desi thinking is still marriage to family and not the man as partner which most educated bright females want. many so called 'alphas' take desi independent gf for a ride then settle down for the parents choice.They want a puerile and docile girl who does not voice her opinion .But the desi man has a good things in a arranged scenario he is ready to commit for whole life in a few meetings or in few months of dating if he is really good.

    It is not so good in western society too.Desi girls either viewed as prudes or as exotic 'bangs'. sorry if that hurt you.But that is the truth. Most men don’t like independent girls except the ones who want to be a parasite some day or who are supremely independent and confident.But the second type are hardly 10 % and with so much choice they dont care till mid 40’s nowadays to commit.Many of my white friends just look for sex as they are bitter after being divorced/heart broken and paying child support/alimony and dont want an LTR.I can bet they are not bad men.only 2 out of many american guys i know are happily married, earning well and have created good role models.
    They have created choice for their wives to work full time/part time / stay at home as per motherhood and family needs which these women have exercised.Their wives have made it good in careers even after kids.
    I know all feminist dream of this kind super guy from the 10% either desi or white and who commits to them and supports them and never judges them.
    So every girl has to be very selective because the good ones are rare.
    I have seen desi girls making these four choices
    1)Negotiating dating through arranged marriage system.By dating their fiancees for a few months to even a year.I have seen girls breaking up even after an year.but there some limits in this system to test the man .
    2)Enjoying single life like CB in sex and the city and trying to feel love and romance as experience to discover oneself.
    3)Finding true love through free choice .Though this may lead to disowning by family for one of my acquaintances as she has been living with her beau for five years who 'unfortunately' for the desi parents is a bright Moroccan Jewish man.Also she has had an late term abortion before .This is known by a lot of people in the desi community in her home town and works against her.But, I have seen a succesful ' love marraige ' too.

    4) when the biological clock is ticking as parents have almost given up sadly i have seen some women agreeing to marry the geeky creep and weirdo who has no experience with woman.It is sad but when there is no more choices this happens.
    So think as a feminist and make a choice.

  2. Hi Saxena thanks for commenting on my post. I agree with you but I am an optimist so I believe there are more guys like that out there :p
    Anyway I am still young and I don't feel pressured to make a choice yet.


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