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Gender Equality Problems with Band Baaja Raat and India in General

Here are some problems with Band Baaja Raat and India in General.
1. They are obviously copying off of the Hollywood romantic comedy professions. Yes, she does not need to be a doctor or anything, but at least don't give her such a stereotypical role, even if it is "westernized".
2. The second thing is the story that we have heard all the time before: studious and hardworking girl, and lazy boy, and they fall in love. Seriously, come up with something new.
3. Shruti is considered to be a modern girl living in India's big cities, but she is still backwards in her thoughts. One line in the script really bothered me when she said that she hoped her future husband would let her have a job after marriage. In another part of the scene, she slept with the hero and didn't even seem surprised the next morning (you would expect her uptight character to freak out). So Indian women are "liberated" in the sense that they can have premarital sex and have no shame in that, but apart from that everything else is conservative and their husband tells them what to do after marriage? Also, she did not hesitate to get drunk
4. Also after she slept with the guy, she started calling him "tum" ( a more respective way of saying you, used especially with elders). Most Indian women also use "tum" for their husbands when they get married, although the husband can use "tu" (which is a more informal way of saying you, used with friends or children). She was the typical conservative women in that sense, conferring to her subservient assigned role after creating a "bond" with the guy.
5. Another problem with Indian women depicted in movies is that they are often seen as day dreamers that love romance and all other cutesy things. They spend their days dreaming about Prince Charming or the knight in shining armor. The male usually HATES these things, and is seen as an easygoing guy who eventually falls in love with the innocent girly lead(femmephobia anyone?). This is seen in "I Hate Luv Stories" too. The males usually hate anything feminine and pride themselves on being manly, while the girl is encouraged to be stereotypical. It is all played for fun, like "boys will be boys, and girls will be girls", but they don't realize the effect on young girls it has. A girl who is watching this movie will wonder why she is being pressured into acting girly when it is despised and seen as disgusting by the opposite gender. In contrast, being manly is praised by both women and men.

Typical trope of girl eating ice cream in her bed after she gets dumped

The main problem is that Indian film makers wants the Indian public to be like the western, more "modern" public by engaging in drinking and pre-marital sex without a second thought. They smoke and curse also. Anyone who doesn't do that is seen as prudish and not up with the times. Women are encouraged to think of themselves as "liberated" and "modern" if they do these things. However, the good things that Western society has brought to women (such as feminism) is not applied. I would like to tell these film makers that you can't pick and choose concepts that you like while dismissing the ones you don't like. In some ways, they are picking the worst of both worlds. That is not called "liberated". That is just the same sexism in a different, revamped package. Women are not "equal" in America either, regardless of what the world would like to believe. If you would like to copy a nation, copy Sweden. 

Seriously, come up with something new!! (Story about a modern woman who is turning 30 but can't get a man and her biological clock is running out.....her fav color is hot pink and she likes drinking cocktails.)

Also, one thing living in America has taught me is more important than anything else. The charm of America is that you are free to believe whatever you want. People who follow what society tells them is "modern" are not really modern and progressive at all, infact they are insecure and desperate. Modern people are people who do not follow society blindly and stick to their core beliefs. They are educated about their human rights and see themselves as equal to everyone else. They do not feel any "less" by choosing to remain a virgin or to not drink. Most of all, they are individualists with a capable brain and intellect, who are comfortable in their own skin and decisions. In short, they have their own style and swagger
without caring what anyone else thinks. Also it is a huge mistake
to think of women as one type. Each woman is unique and has her own style. No two are the same, like a snowflake. Let's stick together and show the world we are miss represented. 
The face of a "liberated" woman

Please, look at real unique women with accomplishments and dreams and hopes: Thinking, acting, moving,
creating, women. Making a difference in the world.

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