Friday, December 12, 2014


Indian Parents and Hypocrisy Part 2..

A broken sentence rant about my recent feelings on traditional orthodox Indian parents.....
hopefully you understand. I think people who have gone through these things anyways don't need a lot of explanation to inherently realize where I'm coming from.

-living marriage by the script and religious leaders are happy they're doing it their way
-right stages of life
-fit people into boxes
-what is success and, house, marriage....get married, stay married
-do indian parents want their children to be happy
-automatons daughters programmed
-career, religion
-parent approved sex at parent approved time with parent approved spouse
-sex dirty, want to kill everyone who has it, betrayal by parents: how can they act so normal and innocent when they've done a dirty thing.
-guilty and ashamed feelings
-want to vomit
-sinful, god sinful
-judge people.......ignore if they smoke/drink b/c then everything else must be bad about them. dealbreaker
-gender conformity
-obedient, well behaved, bharatnatyam, good grades, gender conformity, innocence, chastity, purity, virginity but enthusiastic and make people laugh, always happy and smiling, good grades, religious, traditional, orthodox in mind, but modern in clothing/etc, outspoken, able to fit in, outgoing, but sexist...enthusiastic always happy servant..perfect
-"look how well our child fits into approved boxes"
-scared to risk b/c get hurt....and b/c dont have experiences and so isolated and sheltered, every experience we have does have a bigger impact on us......self fulfilling prophecy....scared of told you so
-security: girl goes from mom/dad.....straight to risk..everything planned heartbreak or soul searching

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