Friday, December 12, 2014


Girl Child Poem

This poem really stood out to me, especially the "brown is too fucking majestic" part.

When I was born my grandmother cried because I wasn’t a boy
"My son’s life is ruined. He’s ruined."
"To top it off she’s so dark."
My cries were louder than hers. I was too eager to live.
An unwelcome troublemaker from birth
But that’s not where my story starts
A few hundred years ago, some men sailing on blue waters wound up on brown land
And they decided they’d walk on anything that wasn’t white
I remember scrubbing my face with a “formula” at age 12
3 tubes Fair and Lovely
2 tablespoon bleach
Countless years of colonialism shoved into my DNA
An old ancestral recipe
I’ve seen light-skinned become default beauty
I’ve seen makrani and bengali become an insult
Dad told me to wear a dupatta
Dad let me wear shorts on a different continent
Dad controls the length of my kameez
I remember being pushed around
My chachoo pinching all the fat he could find on me
"You’re so ugly"
Joke’s on him
I pissed on his bed when he was abusing the maid
I may not have a penis
But boy can I aim
My story started before ‘47
Even before the start of that century
I was born in rebellion
They called it mutinous
But we bathed in the independence of our own blood
I was born in that revolution
I hear the sword clashes every day
I have been denounced for colour
and country
One time I flew a kite in New York
When it reached as high as I could take it
I let it go
I will not hold on to limits
I will let my hair remain dark
I will not buy lenses of a lighter shade
I will not paint my skin white
Brown is too fucking majestic to erase
I was born on the land of the poor
And I will not fool myself with the luxury of diaspora
I was born on the Earth of men
And I will not die with the gates of misogyny open
my name is Sana
and if you wept when I was a child
you will quiver when I am a woman

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