Sunday, April 26, 2015


AIIMS Doctor commits suicide after long history with gay husband

Dr. Priya Vedi, on right shown with her gay husband

I can't help but think that from the outside, this looks like a perfect, ideal match that all parents aspire their children to have. Both are fair, beautiful people and both followed their mummi-puppas wishes to study hard and become the most idealized career in all of India, doctor. And when it was time to marry, both did the traditional arranged marriage and followed their parents in that. The bride was particularly beautiful, smart but took care of the household's needs and followed traditional rules like wearing a mangalsutra and rakhi. The husband was traditionally macho, with no hint of a smile and the typical domineering Indian husband. In the photo, he has one hand in his pocket and the other possessively over his wife.
I can imagine the marriage to be heavily celebrated from both sides, with parents patting themselves on the back for finding such a perfect match, especially for the girl since her parents are tailors. Both sides placed a lot of emotional, financial and physical investment in the marriage, each knowing it would earn them respect in the society. Their children were the cause of their happiness.

With all this pressure on them to succeed and look like a perfect match from the outside, no one could tell what was really happening on the inside. Indian society is truly about building an illusion of perfection.

They followed the path to happiness, both by their genetic good looks and academic studies, so it is important to wonder, what went wrong?

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